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Savvy October 2022

Wedding invitation wording

Ostrichfeather, yesterday at 9:48 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 2
We’ll be shopping for invitations soon and how we’ll word them has been haunting me! When we first began planning our wedding, we budgeted for a wedding we knew we’d feel comfortable paying for. My fiancé’s parents have always been extremely generous and supportive of us, and they insisted on giving us about a third of our budget even when we said no! My parents on the other hand have not been as involved or excited. My parents surprised me with about a third of the cost of my wedding dress which was nice of them and I honestly didn’t expect it. It’s not like they don’t have the means, they just aren’t that into me or my happiness, and aren’t happy together (separate story). We never expected anyone to do anything anyway, anything is generous. So anyway. We’re not really big on the whole wedding invitations basically spelling out who is paying, but we are really unsure how to word the invitations. Any ideas? We are leaning toward a wording of just us hosting or maybe “together with their parents” but we would want to discuss with his parents first. What do you guys think?!


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  • Jasmine E.
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    Our parents are each contributing, but his parents especially felt strongly that all their names should be included no matter who's paying what. I don't think you need to base it on who's contributing the most. Guests don't need to know that anyway. You can talk to your families and ask if they're OK with the "Together with their families" wording or maybe something else.
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  • Altman
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    I wasn’t concerned with wording I guess because we’re paying for our own wedding. If you don’t want extra guests though I do advise you put that on the rsvp bc I had a guest decide that they should add plus TWO … the kicker is they didn’t put their name on the card or return envelope either 🤦🏽‍♀️
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