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Does this dress actually exist?
Melanie, Yesterday at 3:32 PM

SO I adore this gown, found through pinterest, but I can't figure out if it's actually REAL. It's featured on tons of different - probably scammy wedding dress online sites. Some links below. It's...

Laura, 52 minutes ago 7 196
Ranting about rings
Sherry, Yesterday at 3:23 PM

We are starting to look for rings and we need something durable and practical because of our jobs. (hes a nurse and Im a chemist) We decided that we like zirconium. He found one he liked no trouble...

Mayumi, 35 minutes ago 3 66
Sneakers for the Reception! Yah👍🏽 or Nay👎🏽???
Tamara, Yesterday at 7:01 PM

Show me some cool options for partying at the reception! She can't do the all day heels thing or flats (never been my forte), so I'd rather rock some sneakers 😏❤👟👟 Some sneakers I think are, what my...

Michelle, Yesterday at 11:06 PM 7 56
i need help finding a dress from a knockoff website!
Sea, Yesterday at 11:09 PM

I found a dress and I’m in love. I can’t find clues to the original designer. I’ve tried reverse images and tineye but nothing. I’m hoping someone can recognize the background or the model that was...

Lydia, An hour ago 2 31
Need plan b for my flower girl dresses - Can you all give me advice and inspiration?
Kate, on March 4, 2022 at 10:18 PM

So I'm looking for inspiration on flower girl dresses? Ideally, flower girl dresses that I can procure within the next 8 weeks and without spending an arm and a leg (Lets try for less than...

Monique, Yesterday at 11:01 PM 8 157
Dress Alteration Question
Kirsten, Yesterday at 10:09 PM

I recently my portraits taken and had someone take a couple of picture on their phone so I could get some advice. My dress has been altered in several ways but I’m still let with some...

Bird, Yesterday at 10:35 PM 1 32
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